Numerology of Bibiana

Bibiana - The Dreamer

Bibiana is a generous and inspiring selfless philanthropist who fights for social causes and lofty achievements.
Who believes rewards come from determined perseverance.

The primary challenge for Bibiana to overcome:

An obstinate, single minded and stubborn loner who resents anyone else's authority out of pride. Impatient to appreciate others. A cold and tactless selfish demanding authoritarian.



Celestial name meaning 2 the Moon

Celestial Body:

Ruled by the Moon.

Tarot Name meaning 2 The Popess Jean Dodal Tarot


II The Popess

Bibiana has 5 Karmic Lessons to be learnt in life:

Bibiana may have a strong focus on order which makes them seem overcautious, slow or dull. When challenged this can turn to stubbornness and suspicion of change and strangers which leads to a arguments.

Bibiana may be impulsive and an impatient opportunist who is erratic, untidy and lacks punctuality.

Bibiana may have a desire to bring stability to the community which can be intrusively stifling and seen as vain, gossipy and self-righteous.

Bibiana can be sensitive, shy or secretive from solitary, pessimistic, isolation. They can also come off as cold, devious, and calculating.

Bibiana can chase physical success and ignore their emotional private life. Lacking patience and empathy they can be ruthlessly thoughtless and self-centred.


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