Numerology of Aberdeen

Aberdeen - The Humanitarian

A gentle reliable diplomat who seeks peaceful resolution. This makes them an ideal friend or partner.
A charismatic passionate and witty charmer who is hopeful and popular.

The primary challenge for Aberdeen to overcome:

Can be impulsive and impatient opportunists who are erratic, untidy and lack punctuality.



Celestial name meaning 1 the Sun

Celestial Body:

Ruled by the Sun.

Tarot name meaning 7 The Chariot Jean Dodal


VII The Chariot

Aberdeen has 2 Karmic Lessons to be learnt in life:

Aberdeen may have a strong focus on order which makes them seem overcautious, slow or dull. When challenged this can turn to stubbornness and suspicion of change and strangers which leads to a arguments.

Aberdeen can chase physical success and ignore their emotional private life. Lacking patience and empathy they can be ruthlessly thoughtless and self-centred.


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