Numerology of Abena

Abena - The Adventurer

Abena is an introspective, thoughtful philosopher who appreciates intellectual pursuits, quite meditation.
Who disregards conventional rules or laws.

The primary challenge for Abena to overcome:

An obstinate, single minded and stubborn loner who resents anyone else's authority out of pride. Impatient to appreciate others. A cold and tactless selfish demanding authoritarian.



Celestial name meaning 1 the Sun

Celestial Body:

Ruled by the Sun.

Tarot name meaning 7 The Chariot Jean Dodal


VII The Chariot

Abena has 5 Karmic Lessons to be learnt in life:

Abena may be subservient timid and a shy follower who is worried by change. Abena can be unambitious, insecure, malleable and lack self-confidence.

Abena may be vain, gaudy, superficial and a domineering gossipy egotist . Abena can be fickle wasting money and time by starting projects they'll never finish.

Abena may have a desire to bring stability to the community which can be intrusively stifling and seen as vain, gossipy and self-righteous.

Abena can chase physical success and ignore their emotional private life. Lacking patience and empathy they can be ruthlessly thoughtless and self-centred.

Abena can be seen as egotistical and conceited. Sensitive and prone to self-pity with difficulty letting go or walking away.


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