Numerology of Aarvi

Aarvi - The Peacemaker

They believe rewards come from determined perseverance.
Who appreciates scientific or spiritual analysis with a global perspective.

The primary challenge for Aarvi to overcome:

Can be seen as egotistical and conceited. Sensitive and prone to self-pity with difficulty letting go or walking away.



Celestial name meaning 1 the Sun

Celestial Body:

Ruled by the Sun.

Tarot name meaning 11 Strength Jean Dodal


XI Strength

Aarvi has 3 Karmic Lessons to be learnt in life:

Aarvi may be impulsive and an impatient opportunist who is erratic, untidy and lacks punctuality.

Aarvi can be sensitive, shy or secretive from solitary, pessimistic, isolation. They can also come off as cold, devious, and calculating.

Aarvi can chase physical success and ignore their emotional private life. Lacking patience and empathy they can be ruthlessly thoughtless and self-centred.


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